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Welcome to H.O.M.E Group, real estate investors with integrity and purpose. With a strong vision and our growing network of industry professionals, we are committed to creating opportunities for those who are ready to live the life of their dreams . Get in touch today to book a free consultation.




We believe property management is an opportunity to improve peoples quality of life. We also believe good property management to be an integral component of a successful real estate investment. We take both of these beliefs very seriously and began our own company to ensure our properties were managed well and our tenants were happy. Our property management company began in Quebec but is expanding all over Canada. If you have a property management opportunity for us we would love to hear from you.


With our experienced team of industry professionals and our network of investors,  we pursue real estate investment opportunities that improve quality of life and provide greater financial freedom to all involved. We leverage our time and assets to improve the world around us while teaching and inspiring those who are ready to do the same.

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343. 998. 7600

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"Integrity is the essence of everything successful."

- Buckminster Fuller

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